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The best sterling silver jewelry designed by husband and wife, Dave and Alayna Kidd. Alayna and her family have been selling jewelry in the Virgin Islands, St Thomas, for over 39 years. She is called the "Caribbean Cowgirl" representing the Virgin Islands in the Central American Games, Pam American Games and Olympics in Track and Field, Fencing and Show Jumping, winning a bronze medal in the 1991 Central American Games in Equestrian Showjumping. She fell in love with a cowboy-skier from Wyoming while at Texas A & M University and he started "Spur Ranch Jewelry". With a degree in Animal Science/Genetics Dave named his jewelry after the family brand that is on all their cattle and horses that represent the Wyoming 100 year family ranching history. They have 21 year old twins a boy and girl who's daughter Serina Alpine Ski Races and is currently on the University of Denver ski team, while David Jr is a Junior at Colorado University in Boulder studying business. Their parents are very proud of them with Serina winning numerous medals and in slalom being the Rocky Mountain champion making the USA team in youths that competed in the Whistler Cup in Canada and David helps out with the Horses. Now, outside of Colorado, you can find Alayna in the Vendors Plaza "Caribbean Cowgirl" St. Thomas US Virgin Islands space number 54 or you may catch Dave and his team at Motorcycle events across the USA. When they aren't with the jewelry, running around to Alpine ski events, or riding/working/racing their Quarter horses, they are enjoying Steamboat Springs, Colorado with Dave opening up Impulse Jewelry downtown in Steamboat Springs at 635 Lincoln Avenue, along with a second location in downtown Breckenridge at 302B South Main Street. Dave and his mother "Sally" have a successful Quarter horse racing breeding program, with many of their colts racing on the track and high demand in the barrel racing world. His favourite (Moose) just left for a new home in Brazil....and Pearl the family breed: "do it all" ranch horse...is one of the top 10 producers in USA for barrel horses. David junior can be found throughout Colorado at the farmers markets in the summer in Dillion, Steamboat and Breckenridge, Colorado. Unfortunately due to the hurricanes in St Thomas Alayna is recovering and isn't open herself in the vendors plaza due to the vehicle totally damaged and inventory looted. She hope to be up and running as soon as the hotels are open and her Sba loan finalized plus a mechanic that can try to work on the vehicle.. she has disconnected her St Thomas phone and can be reached at 307 3312201 You can reach: Impulse Steamboat at 970-846-1750 Impulse Breckenridge at Alayna at 307-331-2201 (USA cell) or 340-998-0858 (St. Thomas cell)disconnected Dave at 970-846-2186 email: caribcowgirl@aol.com kiddsteamboat@aol.com Thanks for visiting our web site!