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Spur Ranch Jewelry designs and creates the most unique silver jewelry made on Earth.  All of our silver jewelry is .925% (the industry standard for pure silver) unless otherwise stated.  As the price of silver increases, your purchase will not only be beautiful, but a great investment too!

Our Signature Pieces, such as the sun pendant pictured, are made of Larimar and Sterling Silver. Larimar, known also as the "Atlantis Stone" is an extremely rare Island stone found in only a few places around the world. To see more jewelry with Larimar please go to our Larimar Jewelry page.

Our horseshoe "Island Love Bracelets" are made by Dave Kidd (hallmarked inside each bracelet with "DK").  A Caribbean  tradition, wear the horseshoe open towards your heart if your heart is taken and the horseshoe outwards if you are looking for love.  This Spur Ranch Jewelry design has even been spotted on famous actor  "Michael J Fox"! See our Hook Bracelets page for more styles and sizes.