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Welcome to the finest source for sterling silver jewelry on the internet!

Spur Ranch Jewelry specializes in searching out the most exotic and unique silver jewelry made on Earth.  All the silver jewelry we sell is .925 unless otherwise stated.  This is the industry standard for guaranteeing that the silver you are buying is pure silver.  All items made entirely of sterling silver unless otherwise noted. Due to the huge increase in sterling silver our prices have increased and silver is a great investment. 

 Pictured is our signiture piece made out of the Island Stone called "Larimar"  Larimar is the most beautiful stone in the world and is the color of the ocean. ATLANTIS STONE

Found only in the islands, on one island, very rare....... 

The Sun Pendant  www.spurranchjewelry.citymax.com/catalog/item/1713300/1144935.htm

A Amazing Dichroic Glass Sun and Moon Pendant.  Who doesn't like sparkly, iridescent glass? Dichroic glass is a substance that elicits "oohs and ahhs" with its visual effects.  It is also compared to those of the wings of a dragonfly because it changes color in the sun.


The horseshoe bracelet that is know as the "Islands Love Bracelet" is made by Dave Kidd (hallmark inside bracelet  "DK").  Wear the horseshoe open to your heart if your heart is taken.  If you are looking for love wear the bracelet away from your heart.  Casey has even sold one of these bracelets to famous actor "Michael J Fox".  Go to hook bracelets for different sizes.




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