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Welcome to Spur Ranch Jewelry!

For over 40 years, we’ve been creating the finest 925 sterling silver jewelry in the industry! Come check out our flagship store, Impulse Jewelery, in Steamboat springs Colorado. You can also find our pop-up stores at special events around the US and the virgin islands!

Our Colorado Pendants made with different colors of sparkling opal! $75

Our Colorado Pendants made with different colors of sparkling opal! $75


Upcoming Shows

A Taste of Colorado in Denver - August 31 - September 2

Sturgis - August 2-11

You may have seen us at

Impulse, our flagship store, in Steamboat Springs Colorado

Farmers market - Weekly at Dillon, Steamboat, and Breckenridge.

Motorcycle rallies - Daytona & Sturgis

Car and boat shows - Houston Auto Show & Houston Boat Show, Dallas Auto Show

Island Inspiration


We first started on the island of St Thomas in the 1979, which inspired our collection of Larimar, a beautiful Caribbean blue stone. Larimar is said to reflect the sky and seas of the Caribbean. The blue colors are for calming and green are known for healing.

Larimar is a recently discovered, rare gemstone found only in two mines, both in the Dominican Republic. We’ve brought a special collection from the Caribbean. Check out our unique collection designed by Dave and Alayna Kidd!

Caribbean Hook Bracelets

The hook bracelets have been worn by the islanders of the Caribbean for centuries. Our bracelets, designed by Dave and Alayna Kidd, come in a variety of sizes, stone inlays, and colors.

The ‘horseshoe’ design also has a secret message!

If you wear the open end of the hook facing you, your heart is taken. Similarly, if you wear the open end outward, you’re still looking for the right one.




Native Americans believe that Turquoise represents the sky and waters and thus bring life to the wearer! Our turquoise comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns! Find the stone that speaks to you!

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